This is me

My main lines of business have been in media and digital. What I am most passionate about is value-driven leadership and having a user-centered focus.

The CEO at my last job once said that I professionalize companies, and even though I did not come up with that expression myself, it is something I really love to do. Like transforming inUse Stockholm into Ziggy Creative Colony — with an increased well-being value of 300% and several awards in Agency of the Year (Årets Byrå). Or transforming Rebel and Bird from seven employees, with the personnel policy “don’t microwave fish, it stinks”, into an agency with 60 employees, pension plans, policies, structure and own offices. Always while continuing with value-based recruitment and leadership. I love that.

For the past three years, I have been managing the managers. It has been both challenging and educational, but also so much fun. I have inherited managers who were used to leading in a different way and gotten them onboard, I am also used to letting people find their way in their first managerial role, and coaching them along the way. To repeat myself: I love that.

There are two factors that are truly important, in both my heart and my mind. I need to contribute, I want to influence. And I need to be some place you walk the talk. As I’ve stated above, value-driven leadership is crucial.

Since 2012, I have worked as a COO and thrive very well in that role. As a leader, I value clarity and accessibility and this is also something I often get good feedback on from employees. In addition to HR, I also take care of internal communication and finance as well as daily operations. Quality and delivery were also part of my roles between 2012 and 2018.

Privately, I read a lot and have a book blog, I love to travel and spend time with my family — with my nieces Julia and Amanda in the center. I am a city girl and live in Södermalm, but also like to hang out in our house in the Stockholm archipelago or in my beloved Härjedalen.

Sounds interesting? Please feel free to contact me.


Rebel and Bird
COO, 2015–2020

Work: Responsible for internal communication, HR and personnel (well-being, skills development, work environment, employee interviews, salary setting and salaries), recruitment, CSR, culture, office premises, staffing and finances. In charge of all employees with personnel responsibilities, including all directors and managers. I am a member of the company’s Strategic Management Team and run the Operational Management Team.

Results: I have taken Rebel and Bird from 7 to 60 employees with all that entails, including new office space, a new pension solution, migration to a new financial and invoicing system, setting up a comprehensive personnel policy, recruitment, and not least the work with the company’s culture and values.


Ziggy Creative Colony
COO, 2012–2015

Work: A member of the management team, responsible for budget, HR and personnel, and daily operations including project delivery, quality, and client management.

Results: During my time at Ziggy, we won 3rd place in Agency of the Year and achieved an outstanding result of a 100% recommendation score from our customers. Staff satisfaction also increased by 329% under my leadership.


inUse Stockholm
Project Manager, Concept Developer, Mobile Strategist, 2011−2012

Work: Project management and concept development. My work also included strategy, requirements and target group analysis, impact
mapping, and usability testing.

Results: Projects ranged from forty hours to thousands of hours, with teams from two to twenty people. I worked with Swedish development teams, onshore and offshore subcontractors, and of course with our own inhouse teams. Clients awarded 10/10 ratings regarding project management to the projects that I led. My clients included the Center for Easy Reading, Expressen, a large recruitment company, SCB and one of the world’s largest hotel chains.


TV4 Expressen Mobilab
Project Manager, Concept Developer, Mobile Strategist, 2009−2011

Work: Developed mobile strategies, mobile sites, and apps for iPhone and Android. I also worked as a project manager in all the projects I participated in. Clients and projects included TV4 Play, GI Viktkoll,, Nyhetskanalen, Fotbollskanalen and all of Expressen’s mobile services.

Results: All iPhone apps reached the top 3 list in the Swedish Apple App Store. During the 2010 election campaign we changed the interaction between TV programs and viewers through the Android and iPhone app Mentometer. 38,000 people influenced what Lennart Ekdal said on the TV screen every day. Expressen’s mobile site traffic increased by 288% as a result of our work.


Online Community Manager, 2007−2008

Work: The company developed and hosted its own communities (web and mobile) and developed a community platform. I led the work with responsibility for personnel, budget and results. I also worked on content strategy, with marketing and, sales and as a reporter.

Results: During my time at Broaden we developed two successful large communities and the community platform.



Director Mobile Content, 2006−2007

Work: Responsible for managing and developing existing agreements and partnerships, the internal communication and promotion of mobile opportunities, and developing new services. My role also included ownership of budget and profit.

Results: Aftonbladet was already a front runner in the mobile area, and I am proud to have been involved in further developing that channel.


Bonnier Mobile Services
Co-founder and Content Manager, 2004−2006

Work: Together with a colleague I founded Bonnier Mobile Services, a department under Bonnier AB. The mission was to help as many Bonnier companies as possible get started with, and develop existing mobile services.

Results: During my two years with the company I worked with 75 different Bonnier companies (newspapers, business magazines, magazines, book publishers, TV channels, specialty magazines and more). I helped some of them get started, and some to significantly develop their mobile services.


Stockholm City
Editor – Digital Media, 2002−2004

Work: My first job in web and mobile was at Stockholm City as an editor for digital media. I led the investment in mobile, which was directed mainly towards SMS services. My work also involved the development of a java application.

Results: Stockholm City was the first daily newspaper to invest fully in mobile (it had no real website but used mobile as a channel to communicate with readers), and as a result I became a sought-after speaker on mobile.


The Isaac Mizrahi Show / Oxygen TV
Trainee, 2002

Work: Whilst studying I carried out an internship on the talk show “The Isaac Mizrahi Show” at the Oprah Winfrey-owned television company Oxygen in New York.

Results: I had the opportunity to experience most steps in TV production, from screenwriting and painting the studio to recording, editing, sound installation and more.


B3 / Rebel and Bird, 2019 & 2020

Business English
Private tutor, 2019

Economics for Managers
Hjärtum Education, 2015

Certified Scrum Master
Citerus, 2013

Effect Mapping Basic Course
inUse, 2011

Project Management
TV4-Skolan, 2010

Leadership development program
Aftonbladet, 2006−2007

BonMentor Program
Bonniers Media University, 2006

Production and Project Management in Marketing, Information, Advertising & Media (120p)
Pace University / iiU, 2001−2002

HTML Programming – Jönsson & Lepp, 2001

Praktisk Svenska (20p)
Stockholm University, 2000

British Media
University of Cambridge, 1997


I have been giving lectures and writing reports for many years including large lectures and presentations at industry days, and smaller tailor-made workshops. The content has varied, but always revolved around interactivity, mobile, web and social media. Some of the conferences I have lectured at are TidningsUtgivarnas Branschdagarna, WANs & IFRAs Beyond the Printed Word, IFRAs Digital Trend Days, PIRA International and Mobilgalan. I have also written sections for various reports about mobile as a media channel, and about mobile use. These have been published by INMA, IFRA and TidningsUtgivarna.

I have also worked as a writing journalist, administrator and in preschool. Between 2007 and 2013, I ran my own consulting business.


Official blog ambassador for Gothenburg Book Fair 2012

Årets byrå Advisory Board 2012

TidningsUtgivarna’s task group for mobile services 2006−2007

Tidningsutgivarna’s task group for e-paper 2006−2007

Ubiquitous Media project, Halmstad University / KK-stiftelsen / Swedish daily press industry 2006−2007

Board member of the mobile industry organization Morgan 2005