My main lines of business have been in media and digital. What I am most passionate about is value-driven leadership and having a user-centered focus.

The CEO at my last job once said that I professionalize companies, and even though I did not come up with that expression myself, it is something I really love to do. Like transforming inUse Stockholm into Ziggy Creative Colony — with an increased well-being value of 300% and several awards in Agency of the Year (Årets Byrå). Or transforming Rebel and Bird from seven employees, with the personnel policy “don’t microwave fish, it stinks”, into an agency with 60 employees, pension plans, policies, structure and own offices. Always while continuing with value-based recruitment and leadership. I love that.

For the past three years, I have been managing the managers. It has been both challenging and educational, but also so much fun. I have inherited managers who were used to leading in a different way and gotten them onboard, I am also used to letting people find their way in their first managerial role, and coaching them along the way. To repeat myself: I love that.

There are two factors that are truly important, in both my heart and my mind. I need to contribute, I want to influence. And I need to be some place you walk the talk. As I’ve stated above, value-driven leadership is crucial.

Since 2012, I have worked as a COO and thrive very well in that role. As a leader, I value clarity and accessibility and this is also something I often get good feedback on from employees. In addition to HR, I also take care of internal communication and finance as well as daily operations. Quality and delivery were also part of my roles between 2012 and 2018.

Privately, I read a lot and have a book blog, I love to travel and spend time with my family — with my nieces Julia and Amanda in the center. I am a city girl and live in Södermalm, but also like to hang out in our house in the Stockholm archipelago or in my beloved Härjedalen.

Sounds interesting? Please feel free to contact me.